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bratty mixer.-: I don’t think words can describe how much this guy has saved my life,... →



I don’t think words can describe how much this guy has saved my life, but I’m gonna try.

His name is Matt Gibson, better known as MattG124 on YouTube; he’s a Canadian YouTuber. Now, I discovered Matt when I was looking for a Damon Fizzy collab video I saw a thumbnail of once. When I watched…

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AU MEME: Zayn Malik and Jennette McCurdy - that perfect couple.

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Guys. This is Hannah Lily (brattymixer). I’ve been deleted off of Quotev, and my songs and stories are all gone. Like, I never backed them up, or recorded them. Please contact Quotev to at least EMAIL me my songs and stories. I need them back. It won’t let me sign up again, nor sign into my other account. :c

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Dear Fellow Directioners, If you wish to scroll past this, that is okay with me. But by reblogging this, you are promising to never give up on this fandom. Through the ups and downs, the rivalries, the fights. No matter how long you have been a fan, if you truly love the boys, and would do anything for them, I accept you. We have been together through Forever Young, What Makes You Beautiful, Gotta Be You, One Thing, Nickelodeon, The Brits, iCarly, the world tour. And we will continue to stick together as one through Madison Square Garden and beyond. I just want you all to know that I love you. Every single person who takes the times to read this message. And we all love the same five boys. These boys who will always have a place in our hearts, no matter where life takes us. This fandom is the greatest, kindest, wildest, fandom I have ever been a part of. You have any problems at all, no matter how personal, I assure you, any of us would love to chat. We are a true family. We are Directioners. Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Harry, for some of us, are the reason we are still breathing, the reason we are still alive today. If I could say one thing to my favorite boys, I would say this: Thank you, for being you.

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|AU Meme|: You are meeting Dan and Phil at a Muse concert.

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